There are a number of people and organisations that may need to be contacted at the time of death.


This helps finalise the deceased person’s affairs and ensures you can get the help you need.


This checklist shows you most of the people and organisations you may need to contact.


If your partner died, you may also need to inquire at your local authorities to have your eligibility for concession or rebate tested (if a concession or rebate was previously paid to your partner).

• Accident Insurance


• Accountant


• Australian Taxation Office

• Banks - Building Societies


• Centrelink General Enquiries (13 10 21)
  Age Pension Enquiries (13 23 00)


• Church or Religious Organisation


• Clubs, Organisations and Associations


• Companies (eg Directorships)


• Credit Card Providers


• Department Veteran Affairs


• Doctor, Specialist or Hospital


• Electoral Office  


• Electricity


• Employer/former Employer


• Executor of Will


• Financial Institutions or Loan Companies  


• Gas


• Home and Contents Insurance


• Home Delivery Service (eg Newspapers, Milk, Subscriptions)


• Home Nursing Help


• Household Help


• Landlord


• Life Insurance


• Local Council


• Meals on Wheels


• Medicare (13 20 11)   


• Post Office


• Private Health Insurance Fund


• Service Organisations (eg RSL)


• Solicitor or Public Trustee


• Social Worker


• Superannuation Company


• Telephone Company


• Trade Unions or Professional Associations


• Vehicle Insurance


• Vehicle Registration  


• If there’s no will – list the assets of the deceased and approach a Solicitor, Accountant or Trustee Firm to assess whether or not Letters of Administration need to be obtained before disposing of any assets.

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