The death of a child can be particularly difficult.

This unique situation brings with it awkwardness from friends as they realise the vulnerability of their own children.

Behavioral changes from siblings who may be confused by the new focus this loss has brought.

The injustice a grandparent may feel at the loss of a young life.

To share your feelings and encourage each other to express your emotions is the healthiest way for any family to recover from this tragedy.

How to Care

• Each person is unique. So is the way they grieve.


• Recognise that certain times will be difficult, like birthdays and Christmas.


• Let them talk and encourage them to express emotions.


• Allow children to express their grief with adults.


• Working through grief takes time.


• Listen and hear what is being said.


• Don’t feel awkward if your efforts are rejected as this will pass.


• Encourage those who have common grief to support one another.


• Allow children to be present and included in the funeral.

Death of a child

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